Season 1, Episode 2

Are Our Basic Needs of (Public) Safety & Security Being Met?

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Jennifer McKenna

Rebecca Turk



Jamine Moton


Guest: Jamine Moton

Jamine Moton is the founder of Skylar Security , a private security company based in Atlanta. Since starting her business in 2014, Skylar Security has emerged as the next generation of security services in metro Atlanta. From client on-boarding to contract implementation, the firm focuses on providing unparalleled customer service to clients and their guests, while reflecting the standard of excellence that upholds the brand of each client. Jamine is building a brand aimed at disrupting the security culture by changing how customers are engaged, procured, managed and represented by the officers they call on to protect them. Jamine’s long-term vision for Skylar Security includes incorporating technology offerings to scale Skylar into public and private sector markets throughout the East Coast and ultimately, across the United States.

Additionally, Jamine Moton is a Police Officer with the Clayton County Police Department, a graduate of Clemson University with a Master’s Degree in Training and Development and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

About This Episode

With the advent of social media, fake news, the inundation of information and the lack of gun safety laws, we are all deeply affected everyday by the constant examples of trauma and tragedy imposed by others. In this episode, Jennifer will talk with Jamine Moton, Founder and CEO of Skylar Security, about multiple perspectives on public safety: why it often feels threatened, how it actually is threatened and what we all can do better to ensure our basic need for safety and security.