Founder and CEO of JMac Consulting

Transforming visions into reality, she is adept at extracting the Big Idea and breaking it down into measurable milestones.

With a background in program and business development and change facilitation and consulting, Jennifer coaches leaders and guides the process of transformation.

Specializing in communications and strategy development, Jennifer is particularly savvy at identifying and changing patterns within the minds of business leaders and the inner workings of organizations that previously inhibited productivity and profitability.

Her focus is to lead the JMac team to honor and leverage the client’s mission and its people to achieve measurable victories and to ensure that the business itself enriches lives. Jennifer infuses a fresh perspective into traditional organizational paradigms to ensure congruency, integrity and forward movement to enhance the business and the world at large.

Jennifer has been featured on Fox Atlanta and CBS for her work as a coach. She has also been recognized for her conscientious approach as a facilitator, working with highly sensitive subject matter to generate successful outcomes from controversial discussions. As a consultant she managed a team that launched a new industry category for a Fortune 100 company that was named a product of the year less than six months of the product launch. Exceeding goals is a habit for Jennifer as evidenced by the 365% business growth one client experienced over a 3-year period of time.

Over the course of the last sixteen years, she has facilitated national conferences, expert panel discussions and a variety of planning retreats for organizations from all sectors. Jennifer is known to excel under pressure and has been called on to lead teams in crisis.