Conflict Rising is a series of conversations between Jennifer McKenna, founder and CEO of JMac Consulting, and cultural and business leaders who have moved through conflict successfully.


Conflict Rising is a series of conversations between Jennifer McKenna, founder, and CEO of JMac Consulting, and business leaders who have moved through conflict successfully.

In Conflict Rising, it is Jennifer’s goal to leverage the power of storytelling to empower listeners to more proactively embrace conflict and deal with it bravely, respectfully and successfully.

Jennifer hopes to engage her guests and listeners with weekly insights, tips and tools for how to best communicate through conflict and create stronger, healthier and happier relationships.

As the saying goes, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” Though it may look and feel dark in many cultures today, Jennifer believes the light is just around the corner – and with pure intentions, the right tools, and a courageous voice, all of us can be the light to spark the light in others.

Over time, whole cultures are transformed this way. 

Guns, Guns, and More Guns

Prior to the surge in mass shootings, guns were more associated with crime, domestic violence and suicide. Now the conversation related to guns has significantly shifted.

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Acupuncture as an Example

Join Jennifer as she discusses the role of acupuncture in today’s healing process with Maria Torres, a licensed acupuncturist at the Art of Healing.

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What Is True Healthcare?

How do we regain our true power and well-being so that we aren’t at the mercy of a system that is financially incentivized to keep us sick?

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The Future Of Food

Join Jennifer as she explores a fascinating variety of sustainability hurdles with Scott Nichols, Founder and CEO of Food’s Future, LLC and Chair of the ASC BoD.

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Border Cages, Mass Shootings & Ice Raids

With a Federal Administration as divisive as it is, conspiracy theories abound in the United States. But, can it continue to be a theory when we witness overt abuses specifically against Hispanic families everyday?

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The Transgender Journey

Join Jennifer as she interviews Jamie Harrell, who also transitioned from male to female, to find out more about the realities of being transgender.

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Career Change Later In Life

Today many professionals are healthy enough to stay in the workforce longer, but most often don’t want to keep the same pace or stay on the same career path. The desire to make a career change at a later stage in life can be equally terrifying and exhilarating.

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Holistic Medicine & Why It’s Important

Traditionally most of us have been conditioned to think that we have to go to a medical doctor (M.D.) to fix any ailment we have. But what if we were savvy enough to incorporate holistic practices into our lifestyles as a means to prevent losing our health and wellness?

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The Power Of True Patriotism

Between prolonged war time, divisive politics and social controversy regarding the National Anthem, it’s hard to understand – much less embrace – the notion of true patriotism.

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Our Confusing Relationship With Food

Dozens of commercial diets are still being launched consistently. “Eat this. Don’t eat that,” is a constant and confusing message. Where is the demand for these diets coming from?

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Teen Perspective On Today’s World

With so many culturally divisive issues hitting the airwaves and internet everyday, it’s nearly impossible to ignore all the conflict. It can be hard enough for adults to face, but what about today’s teenagers?

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Yoga in western world

Yoga In The Western World

Those of us who practice yoga know its extraordinary value in our lives. Yet many are still unsure, unaware or outright opposed to it in a Western society with a strong Christian culture.

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What Is Conflict Rising

Culture Consultant and JMac Consulting CEO Jennifer McKenna kicks off the premiere episode of Conflict Rising with her Associate and Director of Corporate Communications Rebecca Turk as they share why they wanted to launch this show.

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