letters from JMac

For the past few years, Jennifer McKenna (JMac) has been writing letters to interested subscribers with personal tips, advice, and reminders that motivate readers to be their best selves.

The Letters from JMac archive house these timeless messages for all to access — at any time.

Perception is Reality

The great late poet Maya Angelou suggested that “people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

And yet we are still expected to lead people without really knowing what to do about feelings.

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Constructive or Destructive

As we consciously aim to build strong organizations, relationships and cultures, we can stunt that crucial growth with unconscious thoughts and subsequent behaviors. Fear itself is the great destroyer. What I often find is that at the core – underneath the unique aspects of each culture and its challenges – is a need for more trust.

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Me or We?

Are you aware of your unconscious sabotaging behaviors as you express your leadership acumen? Most people – until they face this issue head on – operate from either seeking approval of authority figures or rebelling against them.

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Confidence Is Key


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A Conscious Choice

Remember the old saying about the word ‘assume’? If not, just ask around. It won’t take long to find someone who can tell you. We all make assumptions about others – and most often, we eventually regret doing so. In time, this dynamic can evolve into a cultural virus.

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Compassionate Logic

HOW TO START (RE)BUILDING EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION “There’s this woman on my team who thinks she’s above doing the project I gave her, so she’s not

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Diversity Is Our Strength

Recently I served on an expert panel at the Georgia World Congress Center for the Technology Association of Georgia. We each shared tips, tools and insights about how to navigate the new challenge of a fluid workforce.

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Virtually Possible

As you’re navigating the challenges of COVID, you’re probably learning how to go at life a little differently, but struggling with ways to continue being productive.

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Transitioning Years Is Interesting Business

Is it time to renew your commitment to your team, your business or yourself? Is it time to reinvent your product, your image or your brand? Choose to savor the opportunities that emerge during the first month of a new year (instead of stressing over it).

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