Guns, Guns, and More Guns


Due to the rise in mass shootings, many schools are now doing shooter drills in addition to tornado, hurricane and fire drills. What impact is this having on students’ state of mind? And why do some officials insist on bringing in more guns as a means to combat future shooters? Prior to the surge in mass shootings, guns were more associated with crime, domestic violence and suicide. Now the conversation related to guns has significantly shifted.

Join Jennifer as she discusses this critical issue and the need for gun safety legislation with Graham Younger, Georgia Director for Faith in Public Life.

Graham Younger, Georgia State Director
Faith in Public Life

The son of two seminary graduates, Graham grew up in Baptist churches in Indiana, Kansas and Texas. He graduated from Davidson College and the University of Georgia School of Law. Graham worked on a campaign against predatory lending, focusing on faith leaders throughout the Southeast, before beginning work as the Georgia Statewide Coordinator. He is excited to help faith leaders become moral voices that transcend party lines.

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