How To Stay Sane Under Insane Conditions

10 Tips for Success While in Quarantine

Now that your daily routine has been turned upside down, you have a huge opportunity to initiate new, healthier habits. This will not only keep you sane, but could turn out to be the best lifestyle intervention you’ve ever had! 

Since we all share the goal of increasing our steps and becoming healthier, below is a quick guide to doing so in a new, energizing way.

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Obviously you already love your family and friends. Now, love yourself, your co-workers, and customers. When you make that conscious decision, every other decision becomes easier – and so does your success.

“Did you say love?!” Yes. Coming from a place of compassion helps us all to make tough situations more palatable. It allows for us to make decisions that help everyone win: customers, team members and the business itself. It doesn’t mean that everyone is happy with your decisions. But it will generate empathy when the pure intent behind it is obvious.

Pay attention to how healthy your behavior is during these challenging times. Taking the steps above will help you train your brain and reprogram your behavior so that in the end, this time of quarantine not only protected you, but brought out the best in you.