Kids Growing Up In Urban America


The political climate has been heating up over the past few years, and one of the many hot topics is racial disparity. Oftentimes the dialogue is judgmental and misinformed. Who gets hurt the most? The kids. Of all races. Urban America is comprised of a diverse racial landscape, and yet oftentimes the support systems necessary for urban youth to prosper are not in place. Join Jennifer as she discusses the many facets, consequences and importance of providing resources to the youth of urban populations with Careshia Moore, President and CEO of Usher’s New Look Foundation and Usher’s New Look Alumni, Marvin Logan.


Careshia Moore
President and CEO, Usher’s New Look

Careshia Moore is an advocate and educator who has a heart for inspiring others to reach their potential. She mentors leaders, facilitates workshops, designs educational products and connects people with others and opportunities to promote personal success through education. In her roles as an Attorney, Educator and most currently, President & CEO for Usher’s New Look, she has always worked on behalf of providing access, opportunity and exposure of underserved youth.  

Careshia is active in her community through membership on boards such as Communities in Schools of Henry County and United Way Advisory Board, a certified Aggression Replacement Trainer and a mentor to young girls.  She is also the founder of League of Women Entrepreneurs, a networking group that seeks to empower, educate and elevate women in business.  In recognition of her dedication to the community and her passion for encouraging and inspiring others, she was named as one of Southern Journal Magazine’s Top 14 under 40.

Careshia earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education and Juris Doctor degree from University of Florida. She shares her thoughts and experiences regarding education, parenting and success on her blog Compete to Succeed and is the President and Founder of Compete to Succeed Educational Resources, an entity that creates resources that promote positive parenting and student success.

Careshia is married to her husband of 16 years, and they are the proud parents of one son and one daughter.  The Moore family recently co-authored a children’s book, Mikaela the Koala.

Marvin Logan
Ushers New Look Alumni

Marvin Logan is a youth advocate, Hip Hop education professional, and activist. Over nearly a decade, Marvin has dedicated himself to advocating for access to education and leadership opportunities from youth all over the country. He regularly lectures on community building and bridging the gaps on how it relates to the principles of Hip Hop. Marvin’s journey began in the small city of Warren, OH. Even before he graduated high school, he participated in several student organizations, community organizing, and leadership. 

Marvin has worked in education with The White House, The Department of Education, the National Campus Leadership Council, Usher Raymond IV, and many others. He served as the SGA President at Kent State, and worked 2 years with Usher’s New Look organization. He has served thousands of students in the US and around the globe. You can hear some of his story with entities such as CNN’s Great Big Story, Consumer Reports, and others.

Marvin is a proud graduate of Warren G. Harding High School and obtained a B.A. from Kent State University. He currently serves the founder and CEO of The Logan Company. His company focuses on supporting education, adult recreational sports, and entertainment. He is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. His passion is to continue educate his community and fight for those who feel they don’t have a voice.

His favorite quote is:

“I want to make the world a better place than it was when I arrived.”

Marvin Logan 

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