Reduce Stress and Anxiety Through A Solid Sound Bath


With negative news coming at us all the time, most of us are facing high stress levels and could benefit from self-care. A sound bath is an ideal practice in turbulent times likes these. The intention of a sound bath is to guide a person into a deep meditative state while being ‘bathed’ in high vibrational sound. From Tibetan singing bowls to Aboriginal didgeridoos, music has been used for its therapeutic benefits for thousands of years. Join Jennifer as she discusses the benefits of sound healing with Rebecca Turk, Founder and CEO of SNDBath and JMac Consulting Wellness Coach.


Rebecca Turk
Founder and CEO of and JMac Consulting Wellness Coach

Rebecca Turk is Founder and CEO of SNDBath. She is a sound healing practitioner, Reiki Master, and a transformation coach where she is certified in the JMac Consulting Methodology. Her work supports the power of intrinsic motivation to ensure behavior change. As a Reiki Master she helps clients move energetic blockages and also incorporates Reiki into her sound healing work. She provides sound bath experiences for groups, corporate wellness programs, retreats and private sessions. As a trained sound practitioner Rebecca takes participants on a meditative and healing journey of sound where she utilizes the frequencies of vibrations of her instruments for relaxation and healing. During her career, she has worked with numerous brands, entrepreneurs and executives from highly successful companies including, international entertainer and philanthropist, Usher Raymond and Usher’s New Look Foundation, international shapewear brand, Spanx, Sara Blakely and The Sara Blakely Foundation, platinum selling rock band, Collective Soul and numerous others.

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