Teen Perspective On Today’s World


With so many culturally divisive issues hitting the airwaves and internet everyday, it’s nearly impossible to ignore all the conflict. It can be hard enough for adults to face, but what about today’s teenagers? What do they think about how the world is being run? Join Jennifer as she asks these questions and more of two 15-year old females who just finished their freshman year in high school. All three have clear – and interesting – opinions about today’s hot topics.


McKenna Weinbaum, a rising sophomore, is Jennifer’s daughter. Active in performing arts and aerial silks, McKenna is also an avid photographer and sketch artist and is particularly fond of capturing the Earth’s beauty.


Georgia Gordon is a rising Sophmore at Atlanta Girls School. She has served as a Circle of Sister (student government) for 3 years at her school. She enjoys crafting, singing, and serving others!

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