The JMac Method

Ready for Change?

Oftentimes we want change, but we don’t want to change. This is the human conundrum.

The JMac methodology is intentionally designed to streamline and ease the challenges and complexities of change – especially as it relates to human behavior.

Our common experiences show us that the human brain is programmed to perpetuate thoughts and actions of habit, oftentimes causing tremendous mental duress when behavior change becomes necessary.

The JMac tools not only simplify a complicated neural process. They also provide clarity, guidance and support for the individual who is bold enough to change their beliefs, thoughts and actions.

Also embedded in these simple, straightforward tools are the undeniable and predictable (yet perceivably mystical) physics of our thoughts.

We hope you will proactively open the door to change and follow the JMac Way.

Intrinsic Motivation is our Specialty.

The JMac methodology is based on intrinsic motivation, precipitated by internal or personal rewards, not external incentives. Our consultants are facilitators of the change process while our clients are drivers of implementation, based on individual and collective motivation to move forward toward desired outcomes.

    “We at JMac Consulting believe that most adults spend more time on the job than they do in any other activity – including sleeping. If our experience at the office isn’t a great one, it can seep like a toxic poison into other important areas of our lives . . . our families, our relationships and our health. This is why we are so passionate about transforming your culture into a thriving one that will have a massive, far-reaching and positive impact on the greater good. As a leader, you have the power. “

    “Let’s make this change – together.”