What Is True Healthcare?


It is troubling to many of us to consider that the health of our economy is dependent upon the illness of our people. How do we regain our true power and well-being so that we aren’t at the mercy of a system that is financially incentivized to keep us sick? Healthcare innovation is an extraordinary gift when it saves our lives and/or changes our lives for the better. As wonderful as it is, however, we can’t always rely on the healthcare system to save us. Join Jennifer as she discusses multiple ways to empower ourselves to experience true wellness with Beth Houser Coughlin, M.S.Ed, Living Foods Institute at Tula Health.


Beth Houser Coughlin, MSEd
Owner and Director of Living Foods Institute at Tula Health

Beth is owner and director of The Living Foods Institute at Tula Health. Early in life Beth learned the value of good health and natural healing from the balance of her medical Dr father and yoga teacher mother. Beth started her professional career as a Health and English teacher at a school for children with special needs, later serving as principal of the school. In the early 2000s, she left the school to open a yoga and natural healing facility, which she owned and operated until her father was diagnosed with a terminal brain disease, seven years later. Her concern for her father led her to return to graduate school and delve more deeply into her research about neuroplasticity, brain healing and the gut-brain connection. Her master’s thesis focused on the specific impact of yoga on neurological healing. She looks forward to the continued growth of The Living Foods Institute at Tula Health, eventual opening of new locations, and the opportunity to bring balanced natural healing to a broader market.

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