Culture Matters. We Know This. Now What?

You've got your eye on the ball - now known as employee satisfaction and retention. On some days you love what this demands of you.

 On others you may resent it. That’s because change is hard. The human spirit may crave it at times, but the human brain typically loathes it.

Let’s implement straightforward, sustainable solutions that will put you in a power position that is defined differently in today’s word.


Even though this may look like a backwards equation, we believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ to the development and maintenance of a strong culture. Effective strategies cannot be developed or executed before first exploring your unique needs.

The big picture of culture shifting can quickly become overwhelming. Yet it is no more effective to do it all at once than it is to do nothing at all.

Step 1: Needs Assessment.


Assessing your needs requires a greater intimacy and honesty than an exit interview or a well-intentioned lunch conversation can provide. Before we can assess the needs of your company, it is important for you to take a self-evaluation to ensure that your intentions are clear – and authentic.

Before we can take the first step, we have preparation to do. This workshop is the precursor to a comprehensive cultural needs assessment.

By participating in the JMac workshop, you will walk away with:


It’s not going to do a CEO much good to simply listen to information. Your time is too valuable.

We are going to take action – together – to prepare you for an effective (and hopefully somewhat fun!) culture shift.

Times are changing. The world of social media and Millennnials require higher self-awareness and an attunement to employee needs outside the office. Happy employees = customer loyalty.

Some of the exercises that will propel you forward in this endeavor include:
  • seeing yourself through a fresh, new lens

  • understanding why the root causes to most cultural issues exist

  • shifting your perspective to more genuinely embrace the need for change

  • learning how to consciously foster proactive agility

  • clarifying your company values

  • identifying where your company values are not aligned with the culture you desire