Your Greatness is Emerging. Unleash it.

Whew, half the year has come and gone already. If you’re not drained emotionally, then certainly you’ve had at least a few bouts of fatigue by now, right? Hi, it’s me again, JMac. Wow, has the heat turned up lately. And it isn’t because of the summer sunshine.

Right when we were feeling like 2020 was off to a great start, bam! First we worried about catching coronavirus – or worse yet, killing a parent unwittingly. Then we let out a sigh of relief when we realized we abandoned our commutes and celebrated a greater sense of balance, only to find that we are workaholics and simply traded the drive time for evening zoom calls.

We thought we found a new stride when productivity remained high and virtual happy hours were fun. Then we hit a wall. Quarantine-induced claustrophobia set in right about the time of George Floyd’s death and the subsequent outrage that ensued.

The combination of seclusion and devastation creates a tidal wave of emotion – and if it hasn’t hit your virtual office yet, prepare yourself. There’s no evacuation. This is exactly when it is time to face the storm boldly, find your center in the eye of it and lead with unwavering care and courage.

We never said leadership was easy. 

Today our greatest challenge is our most profound opportunity. This, of course, requires empathy, kindness and a steadfast desire for a collective win. If you haven’t fully addressed the current climate with your team, it’s time. 

After all, even if you are finally beginning to move your workforce back into the workplace, the healthcare data is not in favor of indefinite freedom. No matter where your employees are stationed each day, their inner challenges are far more taxing than their physical environment.

So, here’s a simple map to help you navigate this emotionally complex time in history:

Always remember: I believe in you. Your team does, too. Believe in yourself, keep your eyes and heart wide open and lead with empathy and courage.

You got this. And I’m always here to support you, as you support others.

Big virtual hugs,