Guns, Guns, and More Guns

Prior to the surge in mass shootings, guns were more associated with crime, domestic violence and suicide. Now the conversation related to guns has significantly shifted.

Parenthood, Dead Names, and Roosters

As social awareness of gender differences increases, many of us are still scratching our heads as we attempt to integrate it into our traditional understanding of gender.

Acupuncture as an Example

Join Jennifer as she discusses the role of acupuncture in today’s healing process with Maria Torres, a licensed acupuncturist at the Art of Healing.

Kids Growing Up In Urban America

Urban America is comprised of a diverse racial landscape, and yet oftentimes the support systems necessary for urban youth to prosper are not in place.

What Is True Healthcare?

How do we regain our true power and well-being so that we aren’t at the mercy of a system that is financially incentivized to keep us sick?

The Future Of Food

Join Jennifer as she explores a fascinating variety of sustainability hurdles with Scott Nichols, Founder and CEO of Food’s Future, LLC and Chair of the ASC BoD.

Border Cages, Mass Shootings & Ice Raids

With a Federal Administration as divisive as it is, conspiracy theories abound in the United States. But, can it continue to be a theory when we witness overt abuses specifically against Hispanic families everyday?

The Transgender Journey

Join Jennifer as she interviews Jamie Harrell, who also transitioned from male to female, to find out more about the realities of being transgender.