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Conflict Rising is a series of conversations between Jennifer McKenna, founder and CEO of JMac Consulting, and cultural and business leaders who have moved through conflict successfully.

Jennifer McKenna

Jennifer McKenna

Founder & CEO of JMac Consulting

Passionate about building the strongest, healthiest cultures possible, Jennifer has devoted the past 17 years to helping leaders consciously develop their leadership skills, create a strong vision, face enormous challenges and harness their impact to make a positive change in their companies and communities.

Show Description

Conflict Rising is a series of conversations between Jennifer McKenna, founder, and CEO of JMac Consulting, and business leaders who have moved through conflict successfully.

In Conflict Rising, it is Jennifer’s goal to leverage the power of storytelling to empower listeners to more proactively embrace conflict and deal with it bravely, respectfully and successfully.

Jennifer hopes to engage her guests and listeners with weekly insights, tips and tools for how to best communicate through conflict and create stronger, healthier and happier relationships.

As the saying goes, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” Though it may look and feel dark in many cultures today, Jennifer believes the light is just around the corner – and with pure intentions, the right tools, and a courageous voice, all of us can be the light to spark the light in others.

Over time, whole cultures are transformed this way.

Episode 5: Amber Barry, Westside Yoga

Yoga in a Western World: Why It’s Powerful & Sometimes Misunderstood

Those of us who practice yoga know its extraordinary value in our lives. Yet many are still unsure, unaware or outright opposed to it in a Western society with a strong Christian culture. Join Jennifer as she discusses the importance of and misinformation about yoga with Amber Barry, the owner of the yoga studio where Jennifer practices regularly.

Episode 4: Bradley Layton, Founder of Integration Energy

An Engineer’s Perspective on Environmental Challenges & How our Technologies will Evolve to Meet Them

We all know the debate between American politicians and environmental scientists: Is there really climate change? Global warming? We’ve also learned that our strained relationship with China has compromised our recycling efforts. Those of us who care deeply about our land, water and air would like to know what we can do to improve the state of our environment.

Episode 3: Joe Moore CEO Moore Sport Performance

What does health and wellness really mean and are we overcomplicating it?

Our population is confused about health and wellness. 75% of the population is overweight and people are ignoring their body mass index, seeing it as a bad means of measurement of health. Re-education needs to be made at a mass scale. 

Episode 2: Jamine Moton Founder of Skylar Security

Are Our Basic Needs of (Public) Safety & Security Being Met?

With the advent of social media, fake news, the inundation of information and the lack of gun safety laws, we are all deeply affected everyday by the constant examples of trauma and tragedy imposed by others.

Episode 1: Rebecca Turk of JMac Consulting

What is Conflict Rising?

Culture Consultant and JMac Consulting CEO Jennifer McKenna kicks off the premiere episode of Conflict Rising with her associate and Director of Corporate Communications Rebecca Turk as they share why they wanted to launch this show.

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  • Being LGBTQ in today’s climate
  • Breaking free of old cultural norms
  • Conflict in the workplace
  • Gender relations
  • Guns in America Race relations
  • Refugees in America
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Sociopaths
  • The border wall
  • What’s next for health care

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