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Conflict Rising is a series of conversations between Jennifer McKenna, founder and CEO of JMac Consulting, and cultural and business leaders who have moved through conflict successfully.

Jennifer McKenna

Jennifer McKenna

Founder & CEO of JMac Consulting

Passionate about building the strongest, healthiest cultures possible, Jennifer has devoted the past 17 years to helping leaders consciously develop their leadership skills, create a strong vision, face enormous challenges and harness their impact to make a positive change in their companies and communities.

Show Description

Conflict Rising is a series of conversations between Jennifer McKenna, founder, and CEO of JMac Consulting, and business leaders who have moved through conflict successfully.

In Conflict Rising, it is Jennifer’s goal to leverage the power of storytelling to empower listeners to more proactively embrace conflict and deal with it bravely, respectfully and successfully.

Jennifer hopes to engage her guests and listeners with weekly insights, tips and tools for how to best communicate through conflict and create stronger, healthier and happier relationships.

As the saying goes, “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” Though it may look and feel dark in many cultures today, Jennifer believes the light is just around the corner – and with pure intentions, the right tools, and a courageous voice, all of us can be the light to spark the light in others.

Over time, whole cultures are transformed this way.

Episode 21: Careshia Moore & Marvin Logan

Kids Growing Up in Urban America: The Truth about Their Support

The political climate has been heating up over the past few years, and one of the many hot topics is racial disparity. Oftentimes the dialogue is judgmental and misinformed. Who gets hurt the most? The kids. Of all races. Urban America is comprised of a diverse racial landscape, and yet oftentimes the support systems necessary for urban youth to prosper are not in place. Join Jennifer as she discusses the many facets, consequences and importance of providing resources to the youth of urban populations with Careshia Moore, President and CEO of Usher’s New Look Foundation and Usher’s New Look Alumni, Marvin Logan.

Episode 20: Beth Coghlin M.S.Ed

What is True Healthcare? Are we really Caring for our Health?

It is troubling to many of us to consider that the health of our economy is dependent upon the illness of our people. How do we regain our true power and well-being so that we aren’t at the mercy of a system that is financially incentivized to keep us sick? Healthcare innovation is an extraordinary gift when it saves our lives and/or changes our lives for the better. As wonderful as it is, however, we can’t always rely on the healthcare system to save us. Join Jennifer as she discusses multiple ways to empower ourselves to experience true wellness with Beth Houser Coghlin, M.S.Ed, Living Foods Institute at Tula Health.

Episode 19: Scott Nichols

The Future of Food: Exploring the Multiple Challenges to Sustaining our Nutritional Needs 

The world’s population continues to grow. Our access to information continues to increase. Ranging from decadent restaurant marketing messages to sophisticated dietary needs to weight loss gimmicks to a lack of clean water and whole foods, around the world we are all seeing food through varying lenses. As a result, we are collectively demanding more and more from the planet to meet the demands of our consumption. Join Jennifer as she explores a fascinating variety of sustainability hurdles with Scott Nichols, Founder and CEO of Food’s Future, LLC.

Episode 18: Jerry Gonzalez

Border Cages, Mass Shootings & ICE Raids: What does it mean to be Hispanic in the US today?

With a Federal Administration as divisive as it is, conspiracy theories abound in the United States. But, can it continue to be a theory when we witness overt abuses specifically against Hispanic families everyday? Are we supposed to believe that the media is only showing us ultra liberal views when, in one week, we witness ICE raids, mass shootings and continued abuses and neglect at our Southern border? Join Jennifer as she addresses the implications of recent disturbing experiences with her guest, Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director of GALEO: Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials.

Episode 17: Rebecca Turk

Reduce Stress and Anxiety through a Sound Bath

With negative news coming at us all the time, most of us are facing high stress levels and could benefit from self-care. A sound bath is an ideal practice in turbulent times likes these. The intention of a sound bath is to guide a person into a deep meditative state while being ‘bathed’ in high vibrational sound. From Tibetan singing bowls to Aboriginal didgeridoos, music has been used for its therapeutic benefits for thousands of years. Join Jennifer as she discusses the benefits of sound healing with Rebecca Turk, Founder and CEO of SNDBath and JMac Consulting Wellness Coach.

Episode 16: Jamie Anne Harrell, MBA

The Transgender Journey – What’s it really like?

After Olympic Gold Medalist Caitlyn Jenner transitioned from male to female in 2015, transgender individuals everywhere felt more liberated. Yet even with all the publicity since then, there are many who still don’t fully understand what being transgender means and why it’s so important to the transgender community to keep the conversation – and compassion – going. Join Jennifer as she interviews Jamie Harrell, who also transitioned from male to female, to find out more about the realities of being transgender.

Episode 15: Teri Anulewicz

Georgia H.B. 481 / The Heartbeat Bill

Though abortion seems to surface as a political issue every election cycle, the potential of overturning Roe v. Wade has seemed somewhat unrealistic – until now. Recently Georgia passed state legislation, known as the Heartbeat Bill, outlining a way to defy a woman’s rights to her decisions regarding reproduction. Once Georgia’s governor signed it into law, other states followed suit. Join Jennifer as she discusses multiple implications of this legislation with Georgia House Representative Teri Anulewicz.

Episode 14: Joyce Dillon, RN, MN

Career Change Later in Life: How to Move through it Successfully

Today many professionals are healthy enough to stay in the workforce longer, but most often don’t want to keep the same pace or stay on the same career path. The desire to make a career change at a later stage in life can be equally terrifying and exhilarating. Join Jennifer and Life Purpose Coach Joyce Dillon as they discuss ways to help others move through the situation with greater confidence.

Episode 13: Dr. Mike Greenberg

Holistic Medicine: Why it’s Important to Integrate it into your Life

Traditionally most of us have been conditioned to think that we have to go to a medical doctor (M.D.) to fix any ailment we have. But what if we were savvy enough to incorporate holistic practices into our lifestyles as a means to prevent losing our health and wellness? Join Jennifer as she discusses the importance of holistic medical practices with Dr. Mike Greenberg and provide tips and tools on how to integrate it into your life.

Episode 12: Doug Reinbold

The Power of True Patriotism

Between prolonged war time, divisive politics and social controversy regarding the National Anthem, it’s hard to understand – much less embrace – the notion of true patriotism. Having been raised by a proud U.S. Marine, Jennifer is passionate about patriotism and equally frustrated by America’s political climate. Join her as she discusses the value and beauty of patriotism with Commander Doug Reinbold, who recently retired from active duty service after 21-years in the U.S. Navy. He’s currently in the Defense Industry in the Washington, DC area.

Episode 11: Dan Guttman

The Refugee Crisis: Then and Now

The grandson of a refugee from the horrors of Auschwitz, Dan Guttmann reflects on his family’s history and the refugee and immigration crisis then and now. Many of Dan’s family members were murdered by the Nazis, but some escaped. Join Jennifer as she discusses the fascinating and excruciating family history with Dan while exploring the correlations to today’s refugee challenges.

Episode 10: Paige Love

Our Confusing Relationship with Food

Dozens of commercial diets are still being launched consistently. “Eat this. Don’t eat that,” is a constant and confusing message. Where is the demand for these diets coming from? Are we still consumed with the need for the perfect body in the fastest, easiest way possible? Have we convinced ourselves we don’t have time to prepare and enjoy whole meals? Are we trying to undo years of physical damage caused by obesity and other health issues? Do we continue to struggle with body image and the ability to love ourselves wholly? Tune in as Jennifer asks these and many more questions when Page Love, RDN, joins the show to help us unravel the mysteries of our relationship with food.

Episode 9: McKenna Weinbaum and Georgia Gordon

Teen Perspectives on Today’s World

With so many culturally divisive issues hitting the airwaves and internet everyday, it’s nearly impossible to ignore all the conflict. It can be hard enough for adults to face, but what about today’s teenagers? What do they think about how the world is being run? Join Jennifer as she asks these questions and more of two 15-year old females who just finished their freshman year in high school. All three have clear – and interesting – opinions about today’s hot topics.

Episode 8: Rabbi Laurence Rosenthal, Ahavath Achim Synagogue

Anti-Semitism: Is it truly on the rise?

With the escalation of mass shootings, the gun debate ensues. Yet lately we’ve learned of shootings at synagogues, increasing the speculation that Anti-Semitism is on the rise. Join Jennifer as she speaks with Rabbi Rosenthal about his views on Anti-Semitism, its history and implications for us all today and in the future.

Episode 7: Dorothy Leone-Glasser, Executive Director, Advocates for Responsible Care (ARxC)

Why is medical care still out of reach?

The healthcare debate in America has ensued for years. One Congress passed an Affordable Care Act, while the current Congress threatens to revoke it. Regardless of these political outcomes, millions of patients are still left with chronic illnesses and no access to medications or the proper care. Why is this and what can we do about it? Join Jennifer as she speaks to Dorothy Leone-Glasser, Founder and Executive Director of Advocates for Responsible Care. As both a patient and professional advocate, Dorothy has a long history of being on the front lines of this issue – and has had tremendous success in spite of incredible obstacles.

Episode 6: Carol Glickman, English Language Institute Coordinator at Georgia Gwinnett College

Taking a deep dive to gain clarity and understanding of refugees in America

Refugees. They seem to be pouring out of more and more countries, seeking shelter, security and safety. So why are so many individuals and leaders still characterizing them as a threat to our safety and security? Join Jennifer as she speaks to Carol Glickman, former ESL Coordinator at Georgia Piedmont Technical College, currently the English Language Institute Coordinator at Georgia Gwinnett College, who has not only spent a good portion of her career teaching immigrants English in America. She also leads a refugee program at her synagogue. Tune in to learn the truth about refugees from someone who provides direct support to them on a regular basis.

Episode 5: Amber Barry, Westside Yoga

Yoga in a Western World: Why It’s Powerful & Sometimes Misunderstood

Those of us who practice yoga know its extraordinary value in our lives. Yet many are still unsure, unaware or outright opposed to it in a Western society with a strong Christian culture. Join Jennifer as she discusses the importance of and misinformation about yoga with Amber Barry, the owner of the yoga studio where Jennifer practices regularly.

Episode 4: Bradley Layton, Founder of Integration Energy

An Engineer’s Perspective on Environmental Challenges & How our Technologies will Evolve to Meet Them

We all know the debate between American politicians and environmental scientists: Is there really climate change? Global warming? We’ve also learned that our strained relationship with China has compromised our recycling efforts. Those of us who care deeply about our land, water and air would like to know what we can do to improve the state of our environment.

Episode 3: Joe Moore CEO Moore Sport Performance

What does health and wellness really mean and are we overcomplicating it?

Our population is confused about health and wellness. 75% of the population is overweight and people are ignoring their body mass index, seeing it as a bad means of measurement of health. Re-education needs to be made at a mass scale. 

Episode 2: Jamine Moton Founder of Skylar Security

Are Our Basic Needs of (Public) Safety & Security Being Met?

With the advent of social media, fake news, the inundation of information and the lack of gun safety laws, we are all deeply affected everyday by the constant examples of trauma and tragedy imposed by others.

Episode 1: Rebecca Turk of JMac Consulting

What is Conflict Rising?

Culture Consultant and JMac Consulting CEO Jennifer McKenna kicks off the premiere episode of Conflict Rising with her associate and Director of Corporate Communications Rebecca Turk as they share why they wanted to launch this show.

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